Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mom on a Mission!

The latest batch of doodles.
Completely obsessed with snowmen again.. . nice to be through the slug phase. Got through doodler's block, FINALLY... The only problem now is, I can't stop. There are only so many all night doodle sessions one can submit to, with small children to chase during the day.
Thank you God for coffee!
I rEAlly mean that.
My second attempt at selling work at a bazaar will be in a few weeks. The last did not go so well....learned the hard way, that one MUST study your intended market. Duhhh...The snowmen did ok, but not terrific with the shabby chic, French antique crowd. Drats...
What can I was good practice and I learned a ton.
This venue will be much more appropriate. Wish me luck!

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