Sunday, May 25, 2008

Houses for Dad

I have officially moved out of the "Cake" phase. Now  it is Monet & the Impressionists! Dad asked for a street scene after seeing the flowers I did for Grandma. (See last post.) Took this one right out of England where Dad was born. I am still really working on technique, but for a three hour piece, I am very happy with it. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Painting for Grandma's Birthday. . .

I painted this in our sunroom, that looks out into our garden. It's at full bloom and looks like a crayola box ready to burst. All the big orange poppies are out. Mingling with the delicate purple and blue iris . . heaven! Grandma's favorite color is yellow, & I wanted to paint her something that would be cheerful and happy. Once she decides, I will add her favorite Bible verse. 
(Double click to see details.)
HAppy Birthday Grandma and Aunt Wen!

Birthday Cakes, Cake Cards & NOW Fake Cakes!

I just got the chance to whip this up today. I have been wanting to tackle this "fake cake" project for a while, but the styrofoam cake rounds are not on my regular route. I can't wait to do more!! They are a quick and easy project that can actually get accomplished in the midst of children buzzing about. The best thing is that no hot glue is required! This one is for my Aunt, who needs a Birthday center piece for the guys in the family. The store only had this small size. (They had just been ransacked by a bakery school.) I wanted to go two tier, but thought Id give a little one a try first. Very reasonable $ wise to put together . . . a BIG plus.  The cool thing is that I can get another larger round to put under it if she wants to go bigger. Then she can have two options. 
I highly recommend this project!!!! Tooo fun.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Flower Card Designs for Spring!

Could not resist adding more flower cards. It finally warmed up and dried off enough to get out to do some serious yard work. Pure bliss! The purple iris are almost all out. Color is everywhere. Many reds, blues and purples right now. Orange poppies will soon take over. They are ready to burst! My absolute favorite time of year.