Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Birthday Cakes, Cake Cards & NOW Fake Cakes!

I just got the chance to whip this up today. I have been wanting to tackle this "fake cake" project for a while, but the styrofoam cake rounds are not on my regular route. I can't wait to do more!! They are a quick and easy project that can actually get accomplished in the midst of children buzzing about. The best thing is that no hot glue is required! This one is for my Aunt, who needs a Birthday center piece for the guys in the family. The store only had this small size. (They had just been ransacked by a bakery school.) I wanted to go two tier, but thought Id give a little one a try first. Very reasonable $ wise to put together . . . a BIG plus.  The cool thing is that I can get another larger round to put under it if she wants to go bigger. Then she can have two options. 
I highly recommend this project!!!! Tooo fun.

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Tif said...

Love this cake. Is that paper or fabric? I am so making one of these! :)