Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Personalized A, B, C Gift Book!

Personalized A, B, C books are a blast to make as gifts and easy to mail! Also a quick turnaround, once you have your template established.
I used Publisher and formatted the page to fit a 4"x6" paper. ( 1 page for each letter.) Then off to Google images to find fun photos with white backgrounds.
This was a gift for my daughter's 2 year old friend. I personalized the book with her name and things she loves (bounce house, noodle soup, the friend photo etc.)
Blue Bison http://www.bluebison.net/ is where I got the x-ray picture. The site is fantastic!
These were printed on 4"x6" photo paper and will go in a basic plastic photo book (usually around $1) .
My goal is to put my own artwork in and have something similar up on Etsy. I needed a doodling break and it was a good chance to break in the GIMP program. Loved it!


Tif said...
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Tif said...

This is so cute. What a fun gift! She will love it.


P.S. Don't know what happened to my last comment, but it was blank. Weird.