Thursday, January 22, 2009

Irish Dancer - Playing with GIMP Brushes

After I colored this it seemed too flat. I wanted to represent the amount of wow and sparkle that these amazing dresses showcase in person. The Galaxy brush worked great to get the texture of the socks. I then used the Confetti brush to bake the dots I had put on the dress sparkle.
I am starting to have fun with this computer thing. ")
(Double click on the image to see detail.)


Anonymous said...

this is so cool! :) my mom found your blog and sent me the link, so I thought I'd check it out! I love your designs; they are really cute and whimsical.

-N. Fogarty

Devyn Larson said...

Thank you N.! Great job this weekend~ We appreciate all your help and wig wisdom!! Fred (the wig) did not fly this Feis. For that we are thankful. ")
Take Care!