Monday, March 30, 2009

Auction Project 2009 Done and Out the Door!

Our inspiration piece by Aaron Christensen.

Fantastic birds created by Mrs. DeBra's 2nd graders.

Laying out the piece.

Border done and first coat of tree blocked in.

Laying out birds and wording on the final piece.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Auction Progress . .

Working on the tree . . . and adding leaves. Just need to put the birds back, tack them down and paint them in. Almost ready to start on the BIG canvas. YAY! ")

Monday, March 9, 2009

Auction Time Again!

Work in Progress - ALy's 2nd grade Auction Project - Small Study (the actual will be 30"x48" This is still being worked on . . will have all the class sign it on the edges as a Teacher gift, when finished. Nice to start small to work out all the kinks. ")

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Daughter the Animal Activist

Aly was in tears when she heard about the issues concerning the sea lions being killed at Boneville Dam, to save the salmon runs. It prompted a great dinner table debate, her father being an avid fisherman. She decided since dad wouldn't fix it, she would go over his head and write to President Obama. This is her letter that she will post tomorrow. I am so proud of her standing up for what she believes! Go Aly, future animal rights lobbyist! ")

Bird Series

"Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her.
Still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings."

Hello Dragon!

So excited!
Just moved into my new studio space. AKA my daughter's old room. She and her older sister decided to share a room - we will see how long it lasts. ") So far so good!
(Any wisdom as to how to keep a feisty 2 1/2 yr old in bed would be welcome!)
Low and behold, after the move we had an extra room! My husband kindly offered it up, not to me, but to my art supplies. He is too kind. I am guessing he is getting tired of looking at my creative "hiccups" all over the house and wants to coral the hubbub.
I don't mind a bit!
In the "art room" I put a kid sized table for the girls to create at. We love doodling together.
I can also use it for spreading out cards as they are glittered and drying. The sun room carpet was getting pretty sparkly . . .
I will miss the amazing views of my garden from my old space. It is now a family room, so I guess we can now all enjoy it together.
Perfect. ")