Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Painting - Amate Style!

Yep...Still crushing on Mexican folk art. I love this style and how easy it is to create a uniquely personal piece of colorful & whimsical art. This piece was created for my fabulous Aunt on her 60th birthday.
I was able to depict her love of horses and riding, her 4 Aussies and an agility course, my cousin's wedding, our recent trip together to La Quinta (fountain/Marichi band) , CA, her love of the outdoors fishing, entertaining ...It was a blast to create.

We are just a week out from having floors in the new part of the house! After much dreaming (and WAY too much Pinterest pinning) I am close to having my own space to create and paint! A year without a desk is too long. I am so excited to begin creating on a more regular basis again. Pictures of the new studio space to come! Most likely will be sharing with both daughters . . . they love to steal my paint brushes. ") We did the painting below for Great Grandma!

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