Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bazaar Adventures . . .

While drawing, painting, glittering, and printing my fingers to the bone these last few weeks, I've learned some valuable lessons.
1. Drill pilot holes before trying to screw the hinges on your card display. . . or else you burn your fingers on the drill and you end up wanting to chuck the whole project out the window.
2. Drinking coffee while painting, is a health hazard.
On more than one occasion, I dumped my paint brush in my coffee ... then, while not paying attention..I accidentally took a swig of the brush water...brilliant eh?
note to self...stop using coffee cups for paint water...
3. Don't hammer on card display while your husband is watching "Heroes" - He gets grumpy.
4. Rhinestones and glitter have the power to convert tomboys to the pink side of bling.
5. Friends who like show and tell are a major blessing.
6. Selling something...enlist MOM! I have had to restock my card inventory quite a few times due to her superb sales ability.
7. Spelling "anointed" is cause for much dissagreement...Spell check your paintings... there are not 2 n's in anointed! OK so for the first time in history, were wrong...only one n.
8. Hooded sweatshirts are my friend...they hide the uncombed hair and acrylic paint spatters while maneuvering through the carpool line.
9. Don't try to give up coffee right before a bazaar...especially while little people are teething, thus not sleeping thru the nite. It makes for a very unproductive day.
10. Whoever thought of putting the Bible, and concordances online has a HUGE thank you from me. THANK YOU!!! Major time saved.
11. Thank your husband and kids daily, for putting up with the creative monster that has taken over the house.
12. When sewing on canvas, use a big needle.
13. Chicken wire may seem like a cool thing to hang cards on, but for sanity's sake, avoid it at all costs.

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