Monday, October 15, 2007

No Coffee . . . Day 1

Ok..well hubby had pity and did make decaf this am. (But it was like drinking water..uggg..)
It would be the morning my first grader had to take her VIP paper and pictures in. I really should have gotten it together yesterday, but had a massive headache. Our little ankle biter discovered she can scream...all day. Quite the set of pipes on that one. Charming....
6:30am - woke up panicked, feeling like the worst mom in the universe ... madly trying to print off pictures, clean the house-a friend was coming at 9, fix sack lunch and breakfast, get the VIP form filled out, dishes...then I realized, horrified, that I hadn't showered. Uggg...went through the school drop off line really fast and with head down. ") PAthetic...
I was good last night and only doodled till 11ish. Actually got sleep. BAby woke up, but fussed and went back down. Now if we can just get through the screaming bit. I wonder if eBay sells earmuffs. (thus the inspiration for the earmuffs on my snowmen) Ha!
Off to color, shower and cause trouble! Ta-ta! ")

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