Monday, April 28, 2008

New Birthday Card Designs . . .

These are such a kick to draw! I am off tomorrow to get pictures/sketches of that neat gate in out neighborhood . . . can't wait to give it a go and see how it would translate on a card. Ready to give the cakes a rest. 

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birthdays & Salmon Cake

Wanted to surprise my hubby with a salmon cake this year for his Birthday. Experimented with using fondant . . . it was a first for me and a total blast! Loved using the paste food coloring to paint the cake. Just like watercolors, but more entertaining. This whole cake obsession has gotten completely out of control. I think I need help. 

*Click on the photo to see larger image.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Long Live the Palette Knife!

Had a great time doing this for my friend Alyson. She wanted it as a Birthday gift for a friend who she sang this song with in choir/church for years and years. Photo doesn't really show the detail but gives an idea of the piece. Clean, masculine, not a landscape river, just an impression of one. Lots on the grey/blue end - gunmetal, sage, black thrown in for contrast. Got to use my palette knife a ton. Reminded me of oil painting back in college. Geez . . I miss that. Acrylics are great, but they dry too fast for me. I like to manipulate color in a lazy way. Unfortunately oils aren't family friendly. Currently, a lot of paint on the canvas . . . dripping, running, oozing all over my socks and the carpet. My 6 year old will spot it first thing in the AM and rat me out. Anyone know how to get acrylic out of carpet? Where is Martha when you need her. Bummer . . .

*click on photos for a larger view.

**Bottom photo is a detail shot of the lettering.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cake & Gates . . .

I have got to stop watching "Ace of Cakes." Hands down, my favorite show. This must be like the slug and snowman phase. I think I must have 10-15 different cake sketches by now. I need to find a new muse and diversify a bit. ") 
I got to escape and take a walk this afternoon. Both kids have been down for two weeks with the sickies. Grandma had mercy on me. Both "shorties" are going stir crazy. While out & about I passed this really whimsical garden gate. I am sure the homeowners thought I was nutz standing there staring at it . . . but geez. Really interesting/unique iron work. I will post a sketch of it or photo at some point. It was an Alice in Wonderland type of deal. Maybe I'll start a "gate"phase next. Ta-ta!