Thursday, April 17, 2008

Long Live the Palette Knife!

Had a great time doing this for my friend Alyson. She wanted it as a Birthday gift for a friend who she sang this song with in choir/church for years and years. Photo doesn't really show the detail but gives an idea of the piece. Clean, masculine, not a landscape river, just an impression of one. Lots on the grey/blue end - gunmetal, sage, black thrown in for contrast. Got to use my palette knife a ton. Reminded me of oil painting back in college. Geez . . I miss that. Acrylics are great, but they dry too fast for me. I like to manipulate color in a lazy way. Unfortunately oils aren't family friendly. Currently, a lot of paint on the canvas . . . dripping, running, oozing all over my socks and the carpet. My 6 year old will spot it first thing in the AM and rat me out. Anyone know how to get acrylic out of carpet? Where is Martha when you need her. Bummer . . .

*click on photos for a larger view.

**Bottom photo is a detail shot of the lettering.

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