Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cake & Gates . . .

I have got to stop watching "Ace of Cakes." Hands down, my favorite show. This must be like the slug and snowman phase. I think I must have 10-15 different cake sketches by now. I need to find a new muse and diversify a bit. ") 
I got to escape and take a walk this afternoon. Both kids have been down for two weeks with the sickies. Grandma had mercy on me. Both "shorties" are going stir crazy. While out & about I passed this really whimsical garden gate. I am sure the homeowners thought I was nutz standing there staring at it . . . but geez. Really interesting/unique iron work. I will post a sketch of it or photo at some point. It was an Alice in Wonderland type of deal. Maybe I'll start a "gate"phase next. Ta-ta!

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