Saturday, August 30, 2008

Katy's Happy Birthday Play Kitchen!

After much sanding, painting and varnishing I finished the kitchen in the nick of time for KAty's Birthday party. Most I salvaged at a garage sale and our rebuilding center . . . YaY!

1) Full view sink/dishwasher/stove - Both drawers open for storage.

2) Full view - Toaster Oven

3) Detail view - Aly's Table

4) Detail - Sink (Handles turn & stopper nob moves up and down)

6) Detail - Stove

7) Detail - Dishwasher (Wood dish drying rack spraypainted silver)

8) Full view - Fridge/Freezer (IKEA box w/ drawers - Handles from Lowes)

9) Top view - Fridge

10) Top view - Aly's (7 year old) Checker/Play table


Tif said...

You weren't kidding. This is AMAZING. I'm sure she loves it. It's so cute and fun. Makes me want to cook up some imaginary yummies! :)

Michelle St. John-Brunner said...

This is adorable! Every child's dream play kitchen! Love it:)