Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow hits PDX - And a Christmas Kitty!

It is cozy! We are in by the fire working on Christmas gifts and relaxing. We got about 4 inches of white today! Our first snow hit early this AM. My oldest was the first to see the white stuff and jubilantly announce it, to the whole household, at the top of her lungs. (It was 6AM . . . uggg!) We lazed around doing some room cleaning and mandatory hot coca drinking. Then it was out to the sled for some snow fun with Dad. I was busy trying to make a dent in the Christmas present to do list. The kitty was requested by my 6 yr old niece. Born out of a fantastic fleece remnant. SOo soft and squishy. NExt is a pink elephant. Off to battle more fleece!


Amber Dawn said...

I am completely jealous. I want to live where there comes enough snow to play in! I love the kitty-so sweet.

esque said...

How neat! I can't wait to see some snow! The kitty is adorable!