Thursday, June 11, 2009

a Bookmark, a Clipboard, and an A, B, C Puzzle

We have some dear friends coming into town this week. I made the clipboard and a, b, c puzzle for the kids. I found them at Michaels and had a blast reworking them with the wood burner and acrylics. The puzzle came plain with only the letters outlined in black. I painted the letters first, then attacked them, outlining them with the burner. The glitter came next. You gotta do glitter for little girls. ") I am so excited to give these Saturday!! I need to start saving for a better wood burner. The $9.99 one from the craft store is great to start but very irregular in the temperature department and I would love some more fine point nibs. Oh Santa . . . . ")

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Ky said...

SOOOO cool!!!