Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fresh in the Etsy Shop! - - -Wood Note Cards Arrive!

I have had a TON of fun discovering this new craft. Wood burning rocks!!! I found a beautiful piece of light cherry paper backed veneer and tossed caution to the wind.

The veneer cuts with regular scissors. I rounded the corners with a simple corner rounder - The veneer cuts like heavy card stock. The back is paper and super nice to write on. Since the veneer is so thin you have to be REALLY careful when you are wood burning, that you don't go too deep. (I am totally figuring this out as I go.) Big tiles are life savers when it comes to resting your wood burner and while doing the actual burning because the surface you are burning on gets really hot since the veneer is so thin.

Knock on wood, novice woodburning me hasn't burned myself yet or burned the house down. Excited, yes. Did I mention that I was loving this?
") ") ")
Paging all crafters out there, you have got to try this!

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