Monday, October 15, 2007

No Coffee . . . Day 1

Ok..well hubby had pity and did make decaf this am. (But it was like drinking water..uggg..)
It would be the morning my first grader had to take her VIP paper and pictures in. I really should have gotten it together yesterday, but had a massive headache. Our little ankle biter discovered she can scream...all day. Quite the set of pipes on that one. Charming....
6:30am - woke up panicked, feeling like the worst mom in the universe ... madly trying to print off pictures, clean the house-a friend was coming at 9, fix sack lunch and breakfast, get the VIP form filled out, dishes...then I realized, horrified, that I hadn't showered. Uggg...went through the school drop off line really fast and with head down. ") PAthetic...
I was good last night and only doodled till 11ish. Actually got sleep. BAby woke up, but fussed and went back down. Now if we can just get through the screaming bit. I wonder if eBay sells earmuffs. (thus the inspiration for the earmuffs on my snowmen) Ha!
Off to color, shower and cause trouble! Ta-ta! ")

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Color Matching Wars & Glitter

The dreaded color matching war between computer and printer is driving me nutz! The ol' HP C6180, up till now, has been brilliant. Ugggg....I recently scanned new snow people designs and the blue highlights vanished. Either I am quite the magician, or my computer is on a very creative "strike." Bummer.... Luckily the doodling is going well.
Due to the run of ideas, I've been up pulling all nighters a few times this week. I'll work till 1 or 2am, then baby wakes up and can't get back to sleep. I think she's teething. On top of that good ol' Hubby wants me to dump the coffee habbit cause we are trying for baby #3. HA! I'm doomed.
I have gone to the glitter side. It is amazing what a touch of glitter can do to your average greeting card. WOW! The only problem is the glitter/glue combo runs the ink on the card. Acrylic with sparkles, glue and dry glitter separately, pray hard and cross my fingers . . . I'm attempting to remedy the problem.
On the paper search . . . thought I'd be "cool" and find a more glossy, glitzy paper to print my cards on. Tried glossy and matte coated papers that were more slick than the card stock I've used. Unfortunately lots of ink bleeding EVERYWHERE! I hate to waste paper. I think I got the wrong type for the printer or it just doesn't like me. Well fine then...I resorted back to the good old reliable card stock (80lb). Not fancy but prints great. Guess I'm just not a glossy girl.

Attack of the Snowpeople

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Slug ATCs . . .

Mom on a Mission!

The latest batch of doodles.
Completely obsessed with snowmen again.. . nice to be through the slug phase. Got through doodler's block, FINALLY... The only problem now is, I can't stop. There are only so many all night doodle sessions one can submit to, with small children to chase during the day.
Thank you God for coffee!
I rEAlly mean that.
My second attempt at selling work at a bazaar will be in a few weeks. The last did not go so well....learned the hard way, that one MUST study your intended market. Duhhh...The snowmen did ok, but not terrific with the shabby chic, French antique crowd. Drats...
What can I was good practice and I learned a ton.
This venue will be much more appropriate. Wish me luck!